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circular values

Our core values lie within transparency with our customers and collaborators, meticulously crafted design, technology and problem-solving. Each Ethilution product has one thing in common... waste. Our team and partners daily tasks focus on circular design, computational design, engineering and waste management in order to improve our innovative approach to capturing and transforming waste that will enhance our products and customer experience.

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Rhys Ellis

Co-Founder and CEO

A Multidisciplinary designer recognised for bridging the gap between waste management and circular design. With a decade of experience in fashion and textile design alongside environmental activism, Rhys has developed a cross-disciplinary approach, combining material research, circular values, lean manufacturing, design innovation and creative yet transparent communication. With a core focus on environmental health, Rhys has developed innovative circular systems/products. By transitioning businesses from a traditional linear supply chain into a closed-loop circular model, improving a brands impact on the environment and offering sustainable end of life options through seamless solutions, sourcing and modular product design.

Rhys founded Ethilution with the belief in driving sustainability forward in a way that is honest and impactful.

Laura Civetti

Head of Computational Design

A specialist in computational design, additive manufacturing, and digital fabrication technologies. Laura has led the implementation of emerging technologies and material research, defining how to combine the relationship between the design, materials, and environment. Laura has worked as Head Fashion Tech Design with leading brands including Iris Van Herpen and Materfad-Centre of materials, developing material innovation and digital design alongside coordinating innovative design platform, Reshape. A platform developed in order to seek and amplify emerging designers by connecting them with industry and market leaders.