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Disposal coffee capsules

We collect post-consumer aluminium coffee capsules from local and corporate businesses, hotels, universities and households.
Once delivered at Ethilution, the team sort the capsules into two elements by removing the used coffee grounds and hand crafting the aluminium capsule into our signature textiles.
By upcycling post-consumer capsules, we are not only upcycling the capsule but each capsule contains 5-7grams of used coffee grounds. On average, that amounts to 2.5 kg of rescued coffee waste for every Ethilution bag that is made.
Together with waste management company, First Mile and the UK’s largest coffee recycler, bio-bean we have developed a solutionship that enables Ethilution to turn all rescued coffee grounds into sustainable green products





Alt coffee grounds we find the untapped value inside every capsule 2 minute read Alt recycled cotton using old textiles to make new textiles 2 minute read Alt plastic bottles post-consumer plastic bottles transformed into ultra soft textile 2 minute read Alt leather offcuts we save tonnes of leather waste from being buried or burnt 2 minute read Alt coffee capsules thousands of post-consumer capsules collected and upcycled 2 minute read